Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's good to be back

White collar tip shirt from The Quiet Riot


† Elmo † said...

Oh My Flush!
Im in love with the pants+blazer!!

where are they from??

LeNerd said...

yayy welcome backkkk!
so...we both took a time off right?
looove to see u here again my doll!
u look amazzzing
love the shoes

PlaceTrends said...

Gorgeous blazer!! I'm waiting for more your outfits!!!

xx alex

Lara Rose said...

you look very amazing! Great photos too!


metallic. Gorgeous. boyish. stunning.
simplicity. amazing. you are a style hero

Anonymous said...

where are the shoes from????

Anonymous said...

Great photos!
Where are the shoes from?

Anonymous said...

Where are the heels from! Its LOVE!!

- randomj in instagram

hiPop said...

the shoes, the shoes <3333

Low Couture said...

love the monochrome w the unrolled jean

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