Monday, July 23, 2012

Beat to Three

Celine shades, H&M necklace, Topshop denim shirt, ASOS jeans, Isabel Marant Dicker boots

I'm sorry guys, for my long hiatus from this blog. Life has been a whirlwind of chances and escapades that took my span of attention away for what it was worth.
I hope I can say I'm back with a big bang but I'll like to keep it simple for now.
A little glimpse into my beautiful Sunday with the family.

Life's little pleasures. So beautiful, how the biggest satisfaction sometimes comes in simple pleasures of just letting life take you by.


JULIANE said...

so lovely!♥

StyleNightcap said...

I love your necklace!

hiPop said...

we have the same necklace...I'm totally (ab)using it these days! ;)

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